Addiction Says…

Hey little girl, I’ve got something you need.
A pill to make you pretty, oh yes indeed!
Just one taste and you’ll be mine
Your head will spin, you’ll feel so fine!
I’m cunning, baffling, and powerful too.
I’m larger than life and smarter than you.
I’ll tell you things that aren’t even true
For me there isn’t anything, you won’t do.
At first, I’ll be your very best friend
I’ll love you to DEATH – till the very end
I’ll steal your thoughts, but you won’t know
It’s no longer you who’ll be running the show
Your life will change right away
You’ll wake up wanting me, every day.
People will tell you to leave me alone
But you won’t listen, for you I own
No one else can interfere.
For if they do, they’ll pay dear
And I won’t settle just for you,
I want your entire family too
I’ll take their money and peace of mind
I’ll make them hopeless, broken, and no longer kind.
For its greed and hate that make me tick
I’ll feed you blame and resentment, to make you sick
It’s really easy, you should see
I’m amazed nobody catches on to me.
People build me shelters and safe injection sites
Seems me killing you, really is my right
But you won’t know that, not at first
Our relationship builds, for me you’ll thirst
I’m the plague, I’m death. I’m immoral and cruel
You’ll give me your life – oh what a fool.
What starts out as fun, quickly disappears.
I’ll age you faster than your years
Your looks will change, your eyes will cloud
As I wrap you in my deathly shroud.
You dance like a puppet to my commands.
Our days are numbered, together we stand.
I’ll use you up, and spit you out.
I’ll end your life without a doubt.
They’ll be many to choose from, when you are gone,
Just one little pill and I move on.
I’m in your homes, and your schools. I’m on the streets.
I’m all dressed up and I look so sweet.
One in seven is infected by me.
But I want you all and soon it may be.
Come here little boy. Have a toke.
You’ll find euphoria, in my smoke.

Lorelie Rozzano

Recovery says……

Stop what you’re doing, you’ve got it wrong.
The way you’re going, you don’t have long
The time has come, ‘one day’ is here
To move away from the lifestyle, you’ve held so dear
As the cloak of denial falls from you
Your eyes will open and see what’s true.
Hope awakens, in your beating heart
You acknowledge your problem, you own your part.
Step by step – you move further away
From those dark and empty, hopeless days.
Something awakens deep within
You feel its movement with a grin
Colors are back, vibrant and true
Feeding you in a way – you never before knew.
The people you love are no longer at war
You hurt them less, you love them more
You’re astonished and humbled and brought to your knees
By the cunning and power, of your disease.
.On your own, you don’t have a chance.
You’re simply a puppet to addictions sick dance.
But together WE can and do recover – every day.
Meetings and a Higher Power, show the way.
Families are mended, trust is regained.
The circle is broken, of never ever ending pain.
You find a thirst for something new
Love fills the cup, of your old brew.
Free at last, or so they say…
Gratitude keeps the demons at bay
Life is precious, you hold it dear
The song of a bird can bring a tear
Your wound has healed, it’s all filled in.
Content and peaceful, what a win.
As you lay in bed at night
You pray for the guidance, to make wrongs, right
A purpose is found in years of past pain
And sharing it with others, is our gain.
If you find yourself lost, WE are here.
Hope is very, very, near.
Start by bending knee to the floor
Pray for help, then pray it some more.
Recovery says…’s your choice to make.
Two paths, one life, which will you take?

Lorelie Rozzano

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved