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Addiction or recovery? It’s your choice.

Addiction Says… Hey little girl, I’ve got something you need. A pill to make you pretty, oh yes indeed! Just one taste and you’ll be mine Your head will spin, you’ll feel so fine! I’m cunning, baffling, and powerful too. I’m larger than life and smarter than you. I’ll tell you things that aren’t even

Identifying your role in Addictive Relationships.

When recovering from addiction, either yours or someone you love, it’s important to identify roles. Addiction, like cancer, needs a certain environment to thrive in. Whether it’s genetic, environmental or both, this disease affects all in its path. But no one is more affected than the addicted person’s family. Long before this illness is identified,

Dave’s Story.

Meet my husband Dave. He wants you to know if he can get clean and sober, you can too. Dave’s story. The first time I met Dave he was bent over a pool table with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He squinted down the table, yelled ‘bank’ and shot. The ball careened off