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Addiction or recovery? It’s your choice.

Addiction Says… Hey little girl, I’ve got something you need. A pill to make you pretty, oh yes indeed! Just one taste and you’ll be mine Your head will spin, you’ll feel so fine! I’m cunning, baffling, and powerful too. I’m larger than life and smarter than you. I’ll tell you things that aren’t even

Medicating Anxiety Symptoms With Alcohol Or Drug Abuse ADDICTION – By: Dr. Mel Vincent, BASc, MSc, MD, FRCP(C ), ASAM Certified

Shared from Bellwood Health Services. http://www.bellwood.ca/blog/ There is clearly a very important relationship between anxiety symptoms, disorders and addiction. Research has repeatedly demonstrated an important relationship between anxiety disorders and substance use disorders in both directions. Patients who suffer from an anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks with or without agoraphobia, social