Edge of your seat type of reading!
By T-roy R
I’m only 125 pages into this and its an amazing book! Lorielie is an awesome writer. I talk to her once in awhile and she is such an awesome lady. Laurielie Rozzano, I love you and your book! I will be passing this book on to other addicts to read and I’m sure it will inspire lots of lives out there!
P.S. “God is good!”
12 hours later: I just finished reading this book! It was a great read. I can’t wait for the next book!!

Cuts and bruises heal, emotional pain is forever.
By Mandatory345
This book was a bit disturbing, and that’s what a good story should do. It should unnerve you in some way, leave you a bit different than you were when you started it. And boy, does this book deliver on that premise.

Stockholm Syndrome is very real, and this book demonstrates that from the cloudy perspective of the victim. It is amazing the things she is able to rationalize and justify so as to not have to face the reality of her bad decisions. Going so far as to paint herself as a victim when she could very easily….just…leave…him….and end the torture. Ego investment is very powerful, and some would rather victimize themselves than simply take action to solve the problem.

Regardless, the vivid details of the abuse were brutally real and absolutely draw you in to sympathy for Lyndsey and her plight. I recommend this book to both the abused and the abuser alike, to reflect on the damage that is caused.

An intense psychological journey
By B. Boal
Finding love and belonging is a long journey for Lindsey, taking a few twists and turns not suitable for younger readers. You feel like the story is real, I suppose it is real for many readers. She wants to feel safe and be able to trust, a very relatable quality for anyone. Lots of sex, drugs, alcohol; not for the faint of heart. Very well written, interesting dialogue and great character development. I highly recommend this book, it is a fascinating story.


A tough read, but oh so good!
By Shelly Kerby
Jagged Little Edges. The main character is a young girl named Lyndsey. Her father is an abusive man who only shows his softer side when he is drinking. Her mother is distracted and unavailable, and her family argues all the time. She has a sister that she wants to be close to but can’t because she does not trust her with good reason. So her home life is hell. They do not talk unless it is to fight. She feels closer to her friends and will do anything to please them. She starts taking pills that she steals from her father. Speed. Loves the feeling. Next thing you know she is smoking pot and drinking. She falls for some dumb guy who has drugs for her. She ends up as a pregnant teen. Hides it from parents as long as she can. Has the baby but has to give it up for adoption. Years pass and she has a job in a bar and is hooked on cocaine, and crack. She loses a very good man over it. After a binge she looses her job, home, and has to live in her car that is old. At the end of her rope, she decides to kill her self. I won’t tell you how, but she wakes up in a mental hospital. In the end ,well I wont tell you the end… I really enjoyed this read, although it was difficult, it was real. I recommend this book to everyone…

One of the most amazing books I have ever read!
By Jaye
This was one of the most amazing books I have ever read! I did not want to put it down, and at times it moved me to tears. Great insight into the life of an addict. It was very well written I recommends his book to everyone. Truly a well written book that takes you through the darkness, sadness, anger and turmoil of a young girl. Cannot wait to read the next ones in the series.

This book is truly amazing. I think everyone should read it!
By jayme
This book is truly amazing. I think everyone should read this book. It has helped me a lot. I am so glad my mom bought me this book. I am trying to get sober. I look forward to reading jagged little lies.

Learning Through Adversity
By Judy Huddleston (author of Love Him Madly)
It’s clear from the first chapter of Jagged Little Edges that teenage girl Lyndsey has hit the down-slope of a difficult adolescence. Receiving no love in her unhappy, alcoholic home, she transfers her love and need to her boyfriend, who remains symbolically unnamed and distant. Lyndsey quickly discovers the effects of drugs almost simultaneously, showing how interwoven the forms of emotional abuse and addiction can be.

Rozzano uses strong visceral details and emotional intelligence handling the stages of addiction and the lonely hunger that motivates the spiral downward. The scenes using more dialogue and fleshed out action bring the narrative alive; selected “close-ups” of her family members help establish more dramatic tension. Toward the conclusion of Jagged Little Edges, the description of Lyndsey’s “upward” spiral is hopeful and should encourage readers wanting to leave their own addictions and start anew.

Must read!
By My Cozie Corner
Lorelie pens “Jagged Little Edges” in her own unique writing style, taking personal experiences and putting them to words. Filled with emotion and relate-ability, the story line revolves around a young woman’s addiction and takes place over several years. A must read for all parents and older teens.

An Eye Opener
By E.S.P.
This would be the first book I have read based on addiction. Everyone hears a lot of things about drugs and such, but no one every really knows the story behind it. Jagged Little Edges tells the story of not only the physical pain, but the mental torment that our main character Lyndsey goes through.

Though Lyndsey is the main character, I don’t believe the point of the book was to tell HER story. I think it was meant to tell the story of every drug addict. I personally enjoy books that allow you to see the “other side” of things, and I believed this book accomplished this. Not only is there subject matter on drugs/addiction, the novel highlights topics such as abusive relationships, family problems, pregnancies, and other things. So basically there is something in there for everyone.

Within the first few pages, I was able to fall into Lyndsey’s story. The novel takes place over a ten year period, and I thought it was amazing to see how she changed, and in some ways, how she didn’t. We can watch the emotional scares that addiction and social problems has inflicted upon her. What Lorelie was able to accomplish with Jagged Little Edges is incredible.


Jagged Little Edges
By Waldo P
Wow this book brings to light some of the problems found in many homes today and some interesting solutions. A must read for teens and parents with ways to handle the today social problems and peer pressure. I was captivated from the very first chapter and I rate this Author a excellent writer. She developed the characters very well and you felt a part of this book all along. Glad I read this one and suggest everyone with teens read it too.
I was given a copy of this book for my review

Incredible read!
By John marshall
Brilliant piece of writing. Couldn’t put it down.. A Look from the inside. A riveting must read. Incredible new author

A Touching Read
By Lori J. Gordon
If your looking for a fairy tale, this book is not for you. However if you want to be drawn in to a story that has mood and feeling, Jagged Little Edges is for you. This well-written book drew me in from the very beginning. The author worked hard to deliver a convincing character most readers will relate to in some way. As I followed Lindsay on her journey I felt for her and there was just enough tension to keep me turning the pages in search of how things turned out for her.
Well Done!

This book will move you!
By Kayla
It’s a great read with a unique style.The author makes a sort of rhythm with her sentence structure throughout the entire story, pulling and pushing the reader along at a pace that she (Rozzano) determines and that is an amazing acomplishment in itself. It is also a wonderful tool for bringing the reader into world that he/she may have absolutely no idea about. Rozzano paints a great picture of how a person feels and once he/she is on the other side of addicton looking at a manifestation of the very thing that caused so much damage and pain. Jagged Little Edges will make you feel and give you hope.

Brutal Little Story
By Amazon Customer
Jagged Little Edges is a brutal look at a young woman’s descent into addiction and near self-destruction.

Some initial formatting and grammar issues made it a little difficult to get into, as well as some tangential characters that disappear.

All in all, however, this is an amazing perspective on why people make bad decisions, often even while knowing they are making them.

A Dark and different story
By Zili Robins
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

In Jagged Little Edges Lorelie Rozzano does a great job of showing the darker side of life. The story is told in parts describing the main character Lyndsey’s steep fall into addiction and her battle for survival. It is about Lyndsey’s downward spiral and her trying to overcome addiction and her other problems.

At the beginning Lyndsey is a teenager with a horrible home life who starts drinking and smoking. She ends up in an abusive relationship and becoming an addict. Jagged Little Edges is an extremely dark book and at times I struggled to stay with the story. Every time it seemed things would get better or couldn’t get any worse, then BAM something awful would happen and Lyndsey would suffer even more.

The story covers different types of addiction ranging from drugs and alcohol to being addicted to a person or situation. Throughout the story Lyndsey faces horrible parents, the loss of her child, an abusive boyfriend known simply as him, a suicide attempt, and her boyfriend Drake walking out on her. Like I said it is NOT AN EASY STORY TO READ, but if you stick with it then it’s an interesting read, which made me rethink certain choices I’ve made in the past.

At times I wanted to scream at Lyndsey to stop her from making another terrible decision. I found all the abuse she suffered from him a little hard to take and then when Drake left I was devastated along with her.

Jagged Little Edges is most certainly a story which will stay with me for a long time; it’s heartbreakingly sad, gritty and difficult, but at the same time kind of hopeful (Lyndsey always wants more) – it’s a cautionary tale.

Dark topic but covers it great.
By Holly Michelle
This book is suppose to be a work of fiction. But this author goes into great details. She must of done some major research.
I really enjoyed this book. While it is kind of on a dark topic the book is written well. And fully covers the path of addiction.

By Kat
If you have ever loved an addict… Or are friends with someone who loves an addict this is a must read. The first half was hard to get through just because of the intensity of the subject. I cringed and looked away as if I was there. Such insight into a foreign subject for me that allows you to see the depth of addiction and the hard but rewarding steps to recovery and how both effect all of life

Great book
By Trista Baldwin
This is a different genre than I generally read, but I really enjoyed the story. I have a b.s. in psych and am a child welfare worker and work with people first hand that struggle with addiction. This book kept my interest and I felt gave my an inside look from an addicts perspective. Great job!

Great reading for help with addictions.
By Dawn Lewison
Reading Lorelie Rozzano’s book “Jagged Little Edges” had me hooked from the first chapter .We see the main character Lyndsey starting her descent into the enslavement of addiction.

It started to pierce my heart for it seemed like my own story. This is not a new subject about the many issues young people have growing up, as I would vouch for first hand.
Lorelie guides us into Lyndsey’s story issuing revelations
about things we would do to be loved.

After some serious contemplation, I feel this book can be a benefit for parents to read as well. Families could be spared years of anguish and depression. I know there are no templates for our society. This is a good read for young and old alike.

An Amazing Story
By Helen Griffin
I am an alcoholic and currently in recovery. What an amazing story of truth, strength, and courage. If you struggle with addiction this story will encourage you to better yourself, to understand your addiction, and will help you with your sobriety. Starting from the beginning, as a young child, Lorelie shares her memories, her pain, and the misfortunes she has along the way. In the end she learns so much about herself and her addiction and how she can become a better person, she learns about happiness, forgiveness, and love. Definitely a story to read and share!

Eaton Rapids, MI

A must read!
By Gina Larsenon
For me, there is no better read than a book that you or someone that you are close to can relate to. This story is deep and has a lot of meaning to many people out there. It’s definitely one of those ones you can’t put down. The author is very articulate and captivates you almost immediately! This is definitely a must read!

Hard to put down
By Karen
I am not an avid reader but found this book hard to put down. The author writes in such a way that you feel connected to the girl in the story and it leaves you wanting more. You feel like you are going on the journey with her. I can only hope there is more to come. A truly awesome read.

A very empowering book. By Robert J. Moore
All these years up till I entered recovery in 2005, I thought I was alone; but here is a book which is very empowering and helps to show there are better ways than to feel trapped in addictions.. Addictions is only a cover up for not wanting to face how we truly feel;leaving the problem in our subconscious mind, therefore we become addicted to a mood altering drug.

It does not matter if this book is fiction or non-fiction as it defiantly allows the reader to feel the negative emotions from pain and suffering to the positive emotions and courage and strengths. Just showing that no matter what life can throw at you, there are ways of becoming stronger and a lot happier with oneself.

Thank you for this opportunity to read this amazing book, it defiantly was a page turner as it keep reminding that I am not alone! God Bless.

An well developed tale of addiction and love
By Brian
Even though the novel does follow a well-worn path of addiction and recovery, it runs that ground with original and real characters and a straightforward narrative. One doesn’t have to discover drug addiction in order to write about it. It’s a tale that is time-worn but always engaging when told well. This book tells its story in a captivating way.

5.0 out of 5 stars You will feel something after reading this!
By Sheena
This review is from: Jagged Little Edges (Kindle Edition)
So many emotions are expressed and shared with the main character Lyndsey who delves into a life of addiction, abuse and loneliness that most times suffocated her as she hopelessly tried to free herself to the cycle. From the first chapter you connected with her struggles that are akin to many we know who took a wrong turn in life and has yet to recover. You have to open your mind to be transported to a dark world that not many want to talk about but does exist. Lyndsey’s silent cry for help could not be heard as many just saw her outward appearance and she seemed fine so no one bothered to watch the behavior to see the real her.This book is a conversation-starter, and author Lorelie Rozzano is a great talent who understands how to inject life and relevance in a novel. Excellent read, one I would recommend!

Insightful and gripping!
By Heather
This book is amazing. I’ve read several books on addiction, depression, mental illness, etc. and this book is a great addition to the genre. You follow a teenager who comes from a home filled with domestic violence, alcoholism, and all the terrible emotions that go with that. She can’t find support or love at home and goes in search of something, anything, that fills the void in her heart. You see her fall down the slippery slope of drug and alcohol abuse, and you want nothing more than to reach out and help her. It’s astounding how quickly you relate to and love this girl; your emotions are definitely invested early on.

The story is told from her perspective, and you hear her justifications and impulsiveness every time she has a choice to make. Her downfall is gradual at first, but almost certain early on in the book. When she finally works up the courage to seek love and support from her family, she is treated as badly as you’d expect based on what you’ve learned so far. After that, she just gives in to self-destruction. It is difficult to sit by and read a girl getting more and more lost and realize she had no one in her life pushing to help and she didn’t know where to look for that someone. Nor did she believe she deserved that someone. When she finally comes across someone willing to help, she runs from it. And it breaks your heart.

The author’s writing style is instantly gripping. The plot is well organized and moves fluidly. Nothing is rushed or skipped. There are a few not-so-subtle clues about where the story is heading, but the reader isn’t really surprised to see her situation get worse and worse. I honestly didn’t know whether to expect a happy ending. While that made me anxious as I read, especially closer to the end, it made for a really good read. The whole novel is quite moving and you’ll find yourself in sync with her emotions many times. You go on the roller coaster with her and no one knows the outcome.
And her life isn’t the only one highlighted. Most of the characters come from difficult backgrounds and deal with it in different ways. The book does a great job at showing how different people adapt in terrible situations. And it doesn’t read as judgmental. Yes, it’s stated that each person is ultimately responsible for their actions, but there is a compassionate approach that acknowledges that most of these people were not handed anything remotely easy to deal with. The effort put into developing the other characters’ stories is greatly appreciated. Coming from a picture-perfect environment doesn’t mean life is easy, but this novel highlights the early and constant damage a bad environment can cause.

The last paragraph contains some spoilers, so I’ll put my final opinion here. If you are interested in books about mental illness or addiction, you really should read this book. It’s a stark description of one journey down a dark road, and it’s exceptionally well done. There is a lot to relate to if you, like most people, have been affected in some way by these topics. It is a respectful novel that I believe can help people understand what someone is going through or help someone who’s in this boat.

There is some psychology in the book, particularly the 12-step program. But it doesn’t turn into a self-help book on you at the end. Instead you see how she comes to accept the fact that she has a problem and how she reacts to the steps–particularly the higher power. It also emphasizes the importance of support and love. The idea is the whole family needs to work to heal because everyone’s behavior and emotions are impacted by one person’s addiction. At this point in the story you learn much more about her parents’ background and have some understanding of how things got so bad. Group therapy offered her much-needed help. A that point you just want her to get better because she’s been through so much. This was the point in the book that I cried; and I’m not an easy crier.

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