What If Your Only Job Is To Be Happier Than You Were Yesterday?

Imagine taking all your painful feelings and experiences and using them as fuel for self-improvement.

What if you took every tear and sob, every muffled scream, every negative thought, and gathered them all together.

Now imagine an empty glass jar.

Take those painful thoughts and images and place them inside the glass jar.

Be thorough.

Recall every real and imagined fear. Every argument. Every unanswered phone call. Every sleepless night. Every broken promise. Every lump in your throat. All the horrible things that were done to you. All the things you wished you said, and the things you wished you didn’t.

When you’re sure there is nothing toxic left in you, its all in the jar, pick up the lid on. Make sure its screwed down tightly.

Now place the jar in a small dark room. Perhaps in a cupboard, or in the back of a closet.

At first, you may feel a little strange without your cape of despair.

Don’t fret, this is normal.

You may even notice you feel lighter. You can breathe easier, see clearer and your mind isn’t racing. For the first time in a long time, you feel calm and peaceful.

A disturbing thought crosses your mind.

What if this feeling doesn’t last?

Go immediately to the cupboard and pull out the glass jar. Empty this thought into it and walk away.

Soon your glass jar will become routine. Just as you clean your house, you will also clean your mind.

There are times you may feel nostalgic. You may choose to visit your glass jar. It will always be there in that small, dark place.

A word of caution, though. Make your visits brief.

After time you notice the glass jar looks different.

The thoughts and experiences inside it, have become a thing of the past.

Wisdom has replaced the power fear once had over you.

The jar has done its job.

The fuel of heartbreak seen through time and clear glass gives you strength, freedom and a new appreciation for your life.

Now pass this jar on to someone who needs it. Share your story. For your power doesn’t come in changing others. Your superpower comes from changing yourself.




Lorelie Rozzano

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved


  1. Sunny21327

    Hello Lorelie,
    Just found your Blog and this article about the glass jar. This is very impressive and helpful to me. I suffer from PTSD and I am a member of a support group for people with ptsd and anxiety/panic-disorder. Now my question is: may I copy this glas jar-text , translate it into german and may I give it as a big prop to my group? I think it could make some peoples life better or easier. But unfortunately most of my group-members can’t speak or write english, so I will translate . I would be very thankful for a positive answer.
    Kindest regards from Germany

    • Lorelie

      Hi Sunny,

      My work is protected under copyright but if you don’t alter the content and leave my name and website on it, you can translate. Much love to you <3

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