Check out this powerful post (Addiction Lies To You In The Scariest Voice Of All – YOUR OWN) from EHN Canada!

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  1. Sue

    I have been reading what you have been writing thank you for sharing

  2. Lorelie…I read your Poem….I have been reading all your articles…my grandson is 29 and just robbed me of my most precious wedding rings. He has robbed us other times. His mother…friends…right now he has 6 cases against him…he keeps having them laid over.Right now my daughter his mother hates me because I called our Law Enforcement to report the missing rings.I had to tell who had been in the house.The Law already knew him by name and told me he had other cases against him. I knew someone had to stop him…before he got shot stealing ….he is using fentanyl laced with powder sugar…he showed me his track marks.I prayed with him and told him …he cold beat this.After he left I discovered my rings missing from my nightstand. My heart was broke…I even had given him $30 for gas and $20 for drinks and cigarettes. I am very interested in getting info on how I can help him.I feel my state of NC just does not care about helping addicts to get well.My name is Brenda Hulslander P.O.Box 1157..Chocowinity,North Carolina 27817…any books or materials that can help me help him will be so very appreciated.Where in America is a good Rehab Clinic…he has no insurance.I do not want him to die.I know He will probably go to jail for the robberies…but when he gets out…he needs somewhere to go to get medical help so he will not be sick.Thank you.

    • Lorelie

      Hi Brenda,

      I have a private facebook page that can help you. The group members are addicts in recovery and their families. It’s a good place to find resources and support. Just click on this link and request to join. Best wishes!

  3. Lynn

    I would like to purchase your series of books for my daughter who went to Edgewood

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