The words you use don’t just communicate meaning, they also describe your personality, beliefs and dictate your quality of life.

There will always be Nay Sayers and Doomsday Prophets among us, but nothing is more self-defeating than the word can’t.

Can’t is a lie. What does can’t really mean?

You can’t …

fly. But wait a second, yes you can, if you get on an air plane.

You can’t …

admit you need help. But wait a second. Yes you can, if you step outside your comfort zone.

You can’t…

hurt people’s feelings. But wait a second. You’re not that powerful!

You can’t

say no. But wait a second. Don’t you say it to yourself over and over again?

You can’t…

get clean and sober. But wait a second, that’s not true. Poor results just mean you’re not trying hard enough.

You can’t?


Maybe you just don’t want too?

Perhaps what you really mean is you won’t.

Because can’t is nothing more than a slow won’t

But it sounds nicer.

Won’t requires a strong sense of self, which many are fearful of exhibiting.

It’s easier to appear weak, than it is strong.

But I know you.

You are strong.

But you’re afraid to show it.

In reality there is nothing you can’t do.

Oh sure, you may need a little help to do it, but that’s part of the fun.

Can’t is a demoralising, crippling, dream-crushing, habit that once practised, is hard to undo.

Next time you tell yourself you can’t, catch it.

Of course you can.

Better still

Yes, you can!!!

Change your can’t into a can and watch out!

There really isn’t anything you can’t do.

The only person who can ever put limits on your life, is you.

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