144 people die each day across North America from overdose.

This means;

Mothers are losing their babies.

Lovers are losing their partners

Children are losing their parents.

Sisters are losing their brothers.

Addicts are losing their lives.

And no one is immune.

If you’re struggling with addiction, there’s medication that will help you with your withdrawal symptoms. But there’s no medication that will ever take your place, if your family loses you to addiction. They will look at your empty chair and wonder – what if?

What if I did more?

What if I didn’t do enough?

What if I did something wrong?

What if it’s my fault?

There will be a huge gaping hole in their life, where you once lived. So the next time you feel like getting high, hold on.

If you love someone struggling with addiction, hold on.

Recovery is possible. Hell has an exist. If you need help, message me.


***This poem is dedicated to the people who lost their life to addiction, and to those who love them***



When you’re feeling down,
All hopeless and blue.
Hold on.
When one more day
Is more than you can do
Hold on.
When you can’t stop crying
And you’re sick of trying,
Hold on.
Hold on to faith,
Hold onto me.
Let my love in,
I will set you free.
When your ship is sinkin
And you can’t stop drinkin,
Hold on.
When the needle is empty,
And you need another twenty,
Hold on.
Hold on through temptation,
Hold on to salvation,
You’re one choice away
From a brighter day.
When your head is crazy
And you want to give in
Hold on.
Keep fightin the good fight
Surrender to win.
Hold on.
Hold on to hope,
Hold on to me.
Let my love in,
I will set you free.
When you’re out of dope, crawlin in dread,
Shaking and sick, lying in bed.
Hold on.
Hold on to prayer,
Hold on to me.
Let my love in.
I will set you free.
When all is sick
In the darkness of your soul
I can fill that void. I will heal that hole.
Hold on.
Lost can be found.
Walk with me to higher ground.
Hold on, my child.
Hold on to me.
Let my love in
I will set you free.

By Lorelie Rozzano (June 10. 2017)

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved


  1. Linda

    just found this site. The stories, poems are just what my hurting heart needs. You see, I am no different than another parent watching their child follow the slow descent to Hell. The drug is stronger than me. But I still love……….thanks

  2. Terri

    These are all amazing reads. Are you going to be writing anymore books? I’ve read the jagged no more series and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts experience with addiction.

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