A book review by Jodi Takhar 


Being a person in long-term recovery and working as a family addictions therapist, I have read loads of books, articles and material about addiction. Having said that, I have just read the most amazing book about addiction and I felt compelled to share it with you.

The Story

Jagged Little Edges is a compelling, interesting and extremely relatable story. Lorelie Rozzano is a marvellous writer and paints the picture of addiction so you can see it in your mind. I could feel how the main character, Lyndsey was feeling before she used – the loneliness, fear and the sense of not belonging. She was filled with regret. The need to escape her pain was tangible.

We watch Lyndsey take the unknown pill and the change she experiences, “She felt powerful. She felt awake. Finally, she felt alive.” When she comes down from the drug, she is irritable and uncomfortable again. The first chapter ends with Lyndsey convinced she will take another pill soon because she loved both the feeling and her experience.

As the story continues, we watch Lyndsey tumble into the abyss of addiction and see how it grips her life. She starts off with control and ends up with none. She keeps trying to escape her feelings and her life. She hates everyone around her and blames everyone for her life. She suffers through some horrific experiences because of her addiction, which creates more regret, shame and loneliness. This goes on until she can’t take it anymore. Then she has a window of opportunity.

What is Different About This Book?

There are a few things that separate this book from so many of the others I have read. First of all, it is a story. It isn’t a how to or what you can do to help your addicted loved one. It’s a very compelling and well-written story that takes us through the journey of addiction with Lyndsey.

Secondly, it is relatable. It wasn’t so much the experiences Lyndsey had, but the feelings that surrounded her and drove her to drink and use. I could relate to all of them. The loneliness and the not fitting in were what I tried to escape most of my teen years. I connected with her view of her family and the silence in her home. I understood her need to drop out of life.

Thirdly, it had another perspective – the family. Lorelie brought the family into the equation. We start seeing addiction from another perspective. I found that to be profoundly eye opening. It’s like it was all laid out for us to see from beginning to end.

There Is More…

Jagged Little Edges is the first book of the Jagged series by Lorelie Rozzano. I am excited to get my hands on a copy of the next book in the series, “Jagged Little Lies.” Stay tuned to see what happens next in Lyndsey’s life!

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