Sometimes your worst enemy is your own mind.


I made you cry
and laughed at your tears.
I gave you nightmares
and called you crazy.
I fed you fear
and insecurity.
I hurt you
and lied to you.
I stole your smile
and belittled you.
I judged you
and held you in contempt.
I poisoned you with alcohol
and tried to kill you with drugs.
I called you fat and ugly
and ruined your relationships.
I mocked you
and said you were born to fail.
But I was wrong.
So very, very, wrong.
You were never any of these things, my lost child.
Without direction you were like a rudderless ship, sailing in circles, searching, always searching, for a safe harbour.
Crazed with pain you crashed on shore, broken and hopeless.
Drowning, you cried out to a God – you never believed in.
In your darkest hour your cries were heard.
The little flame you were born with, re-lit.
Your hunger for a life never before lived, granted.
That day, you were re-born.
You should have died
instead, you thrived.
Under his care you blossomed.
But more importantly,
you learned never to solely trust me, again.

Sincerely, Your Mind.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved

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