From Our Home To Yours, Merry Christmas!

Tis the time of year we hold so dear

December 25th is drawing near

The tree is cloaked, in sparkly lights

Little babes are tucked, in their beds so tight

Presents are stacked up against the wall

Our wallets have been emptied, in the mall

Old Saint Nick, is on his way

The children are counting, down the days

Candy canes and stockings, wait by the bed

For sleepy-eyed, little tousled heads

Grandma and Gramps are down the hall

Viktoria’s in the kitchen, she’s getting so tall

The turkey waits, in the laundry room sink

Good cheer rings out, as glasses clink.

All is set, the whole family is here

Mom takes it in, with a little tear

But the real presents aren’t wrapped, in silver or gold

They don’t come in boxes, they can’t be sold

For Christmas isn’t anything, without you and me

A tree without a family, is just a tree

Our time passes quickly, and we soon grow old

Don’t let your “I love you,” go untold

This holiday season, all can be made right

Build precious memories, and hold them tight

Oh stockings, and sweaters, a warm fuzzy glove

For the best part of Christmas, are the people we love.

By Lorelie Rozzano

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved

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