Loving an addict is like riding a roller coaster. The emotional ups and downs, and twists and turns, will leave you feeling breathless and sick to your stomach. The addict is the pilot; you on the other hand, are just along for the ride. Your emotions and well being are dependent on the addict. They refuse to stop the roller coaster. They will not get off the ride. Beside them, you grow progressively sicker. The rest of your family stands below. They are begging you to get off. They can see the horrible effects, riding in circles, is having on you. Beside you is the addict, who strangely, seems to thrive in the chaos. To him or her, the roller coaster is normal. You, on the other hand, will need to readjust your normal, to theirs, if you want to continue riding. The roller coaster lurches beneath you, nearly throwing you out. Death surely lies below. Your family screams ‘get off!’ You have a very difficult choice to make. You can remain stuck to your seat, or you can get off the ride. What you can’t do – is stop the roller coaster, or make the addict get off. Losing one family member to addiction is sad, losing two… is tragic.

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  1. Jessica Tobias

    Roller coaster ride…sounds about right ?