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6 Ways To Fail Your Addicted Loved One.

You don’t have to use drugs, to get sick from them. Families suffer just as much as the addicted person does. Some say more. While the addicted person is high, the families eyes are wide-open. It can be an ugly view. Living under extreme stress changes you… and not for the good. Families may not

Christmas And The Addict’s Family.

Christmas is a time to celebrate family, laughter, long talks and great food. Many of you are busy right now preparing for the days ahead. The pantry has been stalked with all your favourite foods. Presents are wrapped. Stockings are stuffed. Countless hours have been spent in the mall looking for that perfect gift. You’re

I Love You To Death.

Reading this post will upset some of you. I don’t write from a position of wishful thinking, but rather from one of personal experience. I’m a recovering addict who works in the field of addiction. I’ve sat with hundreds of addicts and their families, and one thing is very clear; Addiction needs help to progress