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I Love You To Death.

Reading this post will upset some of you. I don’t write from a position of wishful thinking, but rather from one of personal experience. I’m a recovering addict who works in the field of addiction. I’ve sat with hundreds of addicts and their families, and one thing is very clear; Addiction needs help to progress

Addiction Says

Hey little girl, I’ve got something you need. A pill to make you pretty, oh yes indeed! Just one taste and you’ll be mine Your head will spin, you’ll feel so fine! I’m cunning, baffling, and powerful too. I’m larger than life and bigger than you. I’ll tell you things that aren’t even true For

Letting Go Isn’t Easy.

A Letter To My Addicted Adult Child. My Dear Child, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to you and in a way, I suppose I am. I will always love you. I want the very best for you and I’m prepared to do the most unnatural thing a mother will ever do. My minds screams