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To The Addicted Population on Vancouver’s East Side, I’m Sorry.

For the addicted persons on Vancouver’s east side, I know the chances of you reading this aren’t great. You’ve likely pawned your electronics and the money you spend buying drugs, leaves you without money for internet. I don’t mention this to challenge you with the facts. I mention this to challenge your contributors, with them.

Politics and the Alcoholic Family.

 It’s hard to scroll through posts on social media or watch TV without coming upon political rants. Witnessing the political divide fracturing North America is frightening. Seriously, I am deeply concerned. I choose not to fan this fire by sharing put down memes. Some of the statements I have read and listened to are so

Addiction is a Family Affair

Addiction is a Family Affair By Jodi Takhar “Jagged Little Lies,” is the second book in the Jagged Series by Lorelie Rozzano. Lorelie is a person in long-term recovery who has worked at Edgewood, a treatment center in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Like myself, Lorelie has been on both sides of addiction, as the addict and