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Easter and Addiction In The Family.

Today families all across North America will be sitting down at the dinner table to celebrate Easter. Mom is up early making the dressing.The turkey is defrosting in the laundry room sink. Children wake up excited and raring to go. Others might have taken this time as an opportunity to catch up on their beauty

The Addicts Child.

I am not your parent, or spouse, or friend. I am your CHILD. Only you don’t parent me anymore. You don’t care about me. Not like you used too. You only care about getting high. You LOVE getting high. You will do ANYTHING to get high. You NEED to get high… and you step over me

Politics and the Alcoholic Family.

 It’s hard to scroll through posts on social media or watch TV without coming upon political rants. Witnessing the political divide fracturing North America is frightening. Seriously, I am deeply concerned. I choose not to fan this fire by sharing put down memes. Some of the statements I have read and listened to are so