There’s a hole in my soul
That I can’t control
It makes me cry
And wonder why?
Its depth has no bottom
It grows bigger each day
I feed it pills, drugs and booze
But it won’t go away
It’s a hungry monster
And always wants more
It not satisfied ever
It keeps me poor.
I bought it new clothes
And my budget was sunk
Twenty drinks later I was drunk
The hole was still there. So I got high
I snorted cocaine and started to lie
My nose got sore, so I turned to crack
Once you smoke that, there’s no going back
I was awake for days. I needed to sleep
Chasing the dragon, I started to weep
Was there no end, could my hole be hell?
Did hell live inside me? I was so unwell
I bought a syringe, but couldn’t poke it in
I fought myself wondering, when will I win?
I found a man, but I let him go
I was to busy using and he didn’t know
I was a broken place, where love couldn’t grow
One day the hole swallowed me. It wanted me DEAD
But something rather strange happened instead
From the shadows of darkness, emerged a light
That whispered words of love and told me to fight
It held my hand, and lead me away
And stayed by my side, every day
It gave me compassion and worth and self-esteem
It taught me kindness and love and to never be mean
WE planted flowers and watched them grow
Joy, Peace, and Hope, all in a row
The light grew brighter, I was found
The hole was gone, it was nowhere around
Off in the darkness, someone cries
I’ll take them my light and answer their whys
WE plant seeds of hope, in pits of despair
Because holes are filled, by all who care.

Lorelie Rozzano.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved