Don’t tell me I can`t
I can
Don`t tell me it`s a bad idea
It`s not
Don`t tell me it won`t work
It will
Don`t put your fears and worries on me
I don`t want them
If you choose to live your life in a box – of societies making
I won`t
Don`t tell me no one cares
They do
Don`t tell me I`m to old
I`m not
Don`t crush my dreams – with your long lost spontaneity
Don`t turn away from me
Don`t ignore me
My re-birth relies solely on newly constructed messages…
Messages of love and value and possibilities.
Don`t be the louder voice. Grow quiet and observe.
I know you, I see you
And you can`t hide
I lived under your guidance for far too long.
Now it`s my turn.
Watch and see.
Face to the sky, wings spread wide, I soar on the eternal prevailing winds of hope.

Sincerely, your mind.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved