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  1. Geralyn

    My son has been an addict for 14 years sent him to Betty Ford In CA. He has been on and off his father has passed my husband his stepdad has bankrupt the family to try to help him he is in jail right now don’t have bail this time but when I talk to him and he begs for bond it tears my heart out cause I can’t afford to help him anymore. What can I do to help me help himself????

    • Lorelie

      You can help him by helping yourself. Learn all you can about addiction. Join a support group and learn how to set and hold healthy boundaries. If you’re the first person he calls when he’s in trouble, you’re part of his problem. No addicted person will ever seek help if they’re made comfortable in their illness. Let him feel the consequences of his actions. Don’t bail him out. Change happens when the consequences outweigh the rewards he gets from using.

  2. Amanda Martin

    I have a daughter who is an addict and has been for 8 years and is now pregnant and I need help please

    • Amanda, what type of help are you looking for?