Jagged Little Lies to be released January 17, 2014

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Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive
– Walter Scott

Her friends and family tell her – her son’s an addict. But she doesn’t believe them.

Her world is spinning out of control. Her mind races. Her days are consumed by pain and worry.

People think they know her… but they don`t, not really.

She wears a mask, of sorts…..

Only the mask is heavy, and exhausting.

And it`s starting to slip.

The cracks are beginning to show.

Just as she gets one patched up, another breaks wide-open.

Pretension – it’s such a deadly game to play.

Just how far will one mother go to save her son?

Jagged Little Lies….. available now.


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  1. Nathan Dale

    I just wanted to tell you, i just read something you wrote about addiction, from your book jagged little lines, about how my addiction and my family’s co dependency and how tbey go hand in hand. it was truly amazing. It was the most spot on thing i have ever read. I have been a herion addict for 15 years im 33 and just had open heart surgery because of my drug use. Thank you for writing the truth. Nathan Dale

  2. I was once like your mother too. I lost one son to an od when he was 19 and had to let my other addicted son go to save my sanity. Loved ones must get help for ourselves or addiction will take us too. God bless you.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Sandi. Addiction. The only disease that tells you – you don’t have it. God bless you too. <3

  3. I read your story you are like my son and I am like your mom. For a long time I really though I was helping him but no I was only helping him to stay high. I know it’s hard to hve tough love but I can it in order to save him. He is now in jail until I don’t know when he broke his probation for making meth and then he got into more trouble so it is going to be hard too not let him live with me .I do know I hve to be tough to save him.

    • Sometimes jail can be the last straw for an addict. They have a lot of time to think and are forced to experince the consequences of their addiction. Some jails have rehabilitation programs for addicts if they want them. I hope your son is one who does. But even if he’s not, you can still be okay. It doesn’t mean you’re happy with his addiction and that you don’t feel concerned, but it will no longer consume you, if, you keep reaching out and get support for YOU. Chances are if he lives with you, you will do for him, what he should be doing for himself.