Am I an alcoholic or drug addict? How do I know?



Have you ever wondered if your drinking or using is the same as everyone else? Do you drink or use more than other people? Do you look forward to a drink/toke? How do you know if you have a problem?

Do you feel more confident when using? Have you ever done things you wouldn’t normally do when sober? Have you ever been embarrassed by the things you’ve done while under the influence of alcohol/drugs? Did you feel remorseful? What did you tell yourself? Did you promise it would never happen again? Did it happen again? What did you tell yourself this time? Be honest. Did you make excuses for your behavior? Or blame it on someone else? Did you minimize or deny your reality? Did you lie? Did you believe your lies?

Are family members or friends talking to you about your useage? Do you hear them? Or do you get angry with them, finding excuses to use their concern as a reason to have another drink? Are you spending more time in places where you can drink? Do you find yourself making excuses for drinking/using? “I’m stressed.” “It relaxes me.” “It’s only…..”  “What’s the big deal? Everyone does it.”

Do you blackout? (Not pass out, you’re awake but don’t remember it) Can you drink more than other people?

Are you hiding your useage? Are you lying and sneaking? Is the idea of drinking or using consuming your thoughts? Does it call to you? Would you rather be using than spending time with friends and family?

Have you changed the people/places you used to hang out with/in?

Do you find you’re miserable without your drink/drug of choice?

Does using make you feel better?

Has your personality changed? Do you become enraged when family members accuse you of drinking/using too much? Do you bully or manipulate people?
If you’ve lost the ability to tell the truth, if you protect the bottle/drugs over your family’s needs, if you answered yes to any of the above, chances are you have a problem.

But then you already know that. If you’ve ever asked yourself, I wonder? You have your answer.

If you are one of the terminally unique out there who thinks they can outsmart addiction. You haven’t lost it all yet. Hang on, because you will. This is a progressive (look back to past years, you will see the progression from then to now) and terminal illness. It gets better not worse over time.

Sadly addiction is the only disease to tell you – you don’t have it. By the time most are willing to do something about it, the damage is incredible. If you are supporting someone with an addiction, get an education, because what you’re really supporting is their death. The good news?

Addiction is very treatable, but first you have to get honest.
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
You will be.
Reach out before it’s to late. The day will come when you cross an invisible line and then?
Very few make it back.
Don’t be just another statistic.
Admitting, is taking the first step. You acknowledge you have a problem. But lip service won’t keep you sober. In order to stay sober, you need to do things differently. There’s a reason why you abuse substance. Learning how to find relief without abusing alcohol and drugs is crucial to your recovery.
If you want help you can go on-line and look for alcohol and drug referral services in your community.
One thing’s for sure, you can’t use the same thinking that got you into this mess, to get you out. All you’ll get for your troubles is sicker.
If you can pick up a beer, gram, joint, syringe – you can pick up the phone.
May you find the courage to do it now.

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