I don’t think

I was born BAD

A beautiful little kid

Who became very sad

Born into the disease

Of alcoholism and blame

Filled with sorrow and guilt

Regret and shame.

A pit of emptiness

Harboring endless pain

Drinking away sorrows

For future horrors

A numbed out peace

Of mindless release

An endless task

A hole to vast

The poor me’s – I’d weave

With the need to deceive

I have worn a mask

And fooled ME with the look

You’ll never know

The toll that it took

God grant me the freedom

To PLEASE take it off

For it hides what’s inside

And it’s starting to rot.

Allow me the strength

To look in your eye

With my face naked

Held up to the sky

Show me the truth

What you want me to heal

God grant me the courage

Just to be real

Please hold my hand

I never want to be ALONE again

I’m ready when you are

Just say when.

Written By Lorelie Rozzano.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved