Jagged little edges

Jagged little holes

Little pieces missing

In-completed souls

Searching for something

To fill this endless tide

Years that are wasted

Trying to hide

You’ll never know me

Neither will I

Always endless secrets

So many lies

With no mercy

For this aching heart

Using more

Just tears it apart

Somebody help me!

It’s dark and I am lost

I can no longer bear

This life and its cost

Jagged little edges

Jagged little holes

Little pieces missing

in-completed souls.

I wrote this as I sat thinking some time ago, hoping to put into words, or define, the feeling I remembered. For me it defines the terminal uniqueness, the separation, the despair, we carry within when addiction is left untreated.

I have since learned to fill in the little pieces missing with love, gratitude and faith. But I didn’t get there alone, and the solution for the in-completed soul came in an answer I could never have imagined.


As hard as I tried, I could get never get the pieces back together. Left to my own devices it became hopeless.

Today, life is unbelievable. I couldn’t have dreamed this big.


Imagine that?




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  1. There are no words to describe the amount of courage it must have taken to not only ask for help but to continue your life in such a healthy, open, honest and willing way. You are so much more than a wife, mother, grandmother, or author – you are an inspiring to me and so many other people who are fortunate enough to come in contact with you. Your story is powerful and needs to be told. Addiction IS treatable, people DO get well and live amazing lives. You have gone even one step more by using your “miracle” to inspire and help others.

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