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Growing Up In Addiction

Sometimes we have to go back and parent ourselves. When the “little me” was healed, the “big me” grew up. As a little girl, I felt responsible for my parents. I still remember feeling anxious, sitting in the backseat of our car as it wobbled down the highway. I thought my alcoholic father would pass

Are you on or off?

From the time I was little I learned how to turn my feelings off. Trouble was, they stayed off. Then one day I met booze and they turned back on. I thought I’d found the solution, but what I really found was hell. Today my off switch is broken. There is no off, only on.

You are meant to be.

I once heard that the odds of being you, are over one in three million. (Calculating sperm, egg ratio) Now don’t quote me on this number, but it’s something like that. Stop for a minute and let this number sink in. The fact that you’re already here, means you’re strong and a survivor. It would