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The Dangerous Truth About Enabling.

With addiction in the family, the line between helping and enabling is blurry. You might think you’re helping when you do for your addicted loved one, what they could and should, be doing for themselves. But what you’re really helping is the addiction taking over your loved one. Imagine addiction as a monster that’s hijacked

Dear Drugs, I Hate You.

Dear Drugs, I Hate You. You destroyed my life, took away children and left me homeless. Every time you entered my body I risked death. I hated living with you and I couldn’t live without you. I got caught in a trap of my own making. Looking back it’s clear, yet at the time I

A Letter From Heaven

Dear Mom and Dad, Words can’t describe how sorry I am. I put you in a position no parent should ever face. I left – before you. I can only imagine your agony. I know you’re angry, despairing and sad, all at the same time. If only you could reach back in time and pluck me from