I know you promised not again
But here I am and ready when
You feel tired, your head gets loud
Sun-filled skies, roll in grey clouds
Life seems to lose its precious shine
Loving family fades to whine
Bit by bit, it disappears
The angers back, so are tears.
You decide you’ve had enough
Your life is hard, boring, tough.
The ole familiar tug of war begins
You are doomed, you never win
Apathy settles, stealing your soul
Your heart shrivels, growing cold
The hungers on and getting bold
Need precedes, everything ….
Your life, your kids, your wedding ring
Past forgotten, your future untold
After this night, you may never grow old.
The Demon Master calls for you
For him there’s nothing you won’t do
Torn between what’s right and wrong
In this place you won`t last long
A thought flickers, between your ears
Heard at a meeting, although it`s been years
There’s only one who can stop it all
His name is God, please make the call
His fix is better than the drugs you’ve tried
It’s not based in hurt, shame and lies.
He’s stronger than heroin
And more powerful than gin
Money can’t buy him
You must invite him in
Do it quick, please don’t wait.
Make the call before it’s too late.
His love will carry you far away
From the urge to relapse on your dark days
Back on track he will make you right.
With God’s help you will win this fight.

Lorelie Rozzano

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved