Mother’s Love.

Mother’s love can’t be counted. It runs far, far to deep.
It vastness has no ending. It’s eternal. It does not sleep.
It comes in many clothing. All varied shades of flesh.
An unlimited store of love, in every style of dress.
Her love lives all around you, every single day.
She asks for very little, and then gives it all away.
She stands beside you always, through each and every fall.
Her love has no conditions, not any, at all.
Her warmth will revive you, she’ll keep your spirit strong.
Yet we take her for granted, thinking she will last…. Oh so long.
Sometimes her love is stifling. Others down right mean.
She’ll tell you no. Not right now, or go to your room and clean.
She wants for you, more, than you ever could.
She dreams bigger, tries harder, than you ever would.
Mother’s love is tireless, fierce and warrior strong.
She loves you even when – you’ve done wrong.
Her love won’t settle, for anything less.
She gets up every morning, preparing your best.
At times her love grows weary, but this she’ll never say.
You can’t stop it, or change it, or make it, go away.
She was the very first, love of your life.
She held you and dressed you and stood you up right.
With every harsh word, there was love in her fight.
With every grounding and scolding, her lips pursed tight.
There’s no other love, as selfless and strong.
No love is as precious, nor as long.
She taught you to love fiercely, take risks and be proud.
Not to live quietly. But to live out loud.
Demand from life the finest, work hard and pray.
And stop to smell the roses, along the way.
Mother loves you always, like no one else, will.
Forever and ever and ever, still.

Lorelie Rozzano.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved


  1. denise

    I would like you to send me the post on your site from today. It really touched me and now I can not find it.
    Thank you

    • Lorelie

      Hi Denise,

      Which post was it?

  2. Sarah

    I could read your stuff for days it is just amazing! Did you write all the poems you post like mothers love for example, I assume you did cause under them you name is there so I just wanted to tell you they are absolutely beautiful, sad ,scary, amazing and the truth. I thank you for sharing your story I think you are such an amazing person

    • Lorelie

      Hi Sarah, yes I wrote all the poems, books, etc, you see on my page. Thank you for your encouraging words!!!

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