Today is not my best day. I’ve been achy for the past few days and up since 2 am with other flu-like symptoms. It was weird laying in bed last night. I was talking with God. I haven’t had a heart-to-heart chat with him like that in a long time!
My relationship with my higher power changes as I age. I try not to ask him for anything. Instead, when I’m bothered by people, places, or things, I pray for them. My questions are seldom answered, but having someone to talk to in the middle of the night,┬ásure is comforting.
Life isn’t fair. I hate that! I’ve spent a large potion of my sobriety trying to even those odds. I’ve been rooting for the underdog ever since I can first remember. I’ve always wondered, why?
It came to me this morning, just as dawn was breaking over┬áthe sky. I might have that particular answer. I am the underdog! I’ve been rooting for myself, and the rest of my pack, all along!


Have a great day!

happy dogs.

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