addiction has torn my family apart.

Do you love someone who struggles with addiction?

Learn what works when recovering from addiction. I wrote the Jagged series to help addicts and their families understand there is hope. I share through my own personal (17 years clean and sober) and clinical (I work in the field of addiction) experience, while working with hundreds of addicts and their families. My readers say they can’t put these books down. The Jagged series, has helped its readers understand their role and make the necessary changes conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to check out the reviews on Amazon. If you want to purchase a copy, just click on the links below.

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  1. Jenny Morgan

    Hi my name is Jenny and im an addict! Thank you for telling some of your story, I never realized how growing up with addicts as parents molded me and i am now trying so hard not to not repeat the same life for my daughter! I would really like to read the Jagged books! But im having trouble finding them!