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Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford treatment. But lets get the conversation started anyhow.
I’ve taken my personal experience with growing up in an alcoholic home, and then going onto become an alcoholic/ addict myself, before finding and marrying an alcoholic/addict to eventually raising a child who is an addict.
And combined it with my clinical experience in working in the field of addictions for the past 15 years.
The result?
My book, Jagged Little Edges.
And I’m really excited to share with you Jagged Little Edges is now being promoted to possibly be used in our local university, as a prerecquisit in 2nd year nursing, to help students better understand mental health and addiction. What an honor to even be considered!
Now that’s one powerful read!
We know addiction is a genetic (see above) progressive and terminal illness, but it doesn’t have to be. People can and do recover. My family did and so can yours.
For one day only Jagged Little Edges will be available for 99 cents at

Please share this post with others who may be suffering, or effected, by the disease of addiction. Hope really is, closer than you think.

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