Hey little girl, come over here. I’ve got something you might need.

A pill to make you pretty, oh yes, indeed!

My name is addiction, I’m a snake in the grass,

When I’m finished with you – you’ll be kissing my ass.

I am cunning, and baffling, and powerful too.

I’m larger than life and bigger than you.

Shit nothing I say, is ever true.

Still, for me, there isn’t anything, you won’t do.

At first, I’ll be, your very best friend,

I’ll love you to DEATH – till the very end.

I’ll steal your thoughts, but you won’t know,

It’s no longer you, who’ll be running the show.

Your life will change, oh right away,

You’ll wake up wanting me, every day.

People will tell you, to leave me alone,

But you won’t listen, for you I own.

No one else, can interfere,

For if they do, they’ll pay dear.

And I won’t settle just for you,

I want your entire family too.

I’ll steal their finances and peace of mind,

They’ll be hopeless, and broken, and no longer kind.

For its greed and hate, that make me tick,

I’ll feed you blame and resentment, to make you sick.

Society makes it easy, you should see,

I’m amazed they don’t ever, catch on to me.

They build shelters and ‘safe’ injection sites,

Seems to me, killing you, really is my right.

I’m a master manipulator, I’m God, and I’m your King,

And when we meet, you’ll wear my ring.

People will serve me in every way,

Allowing me the freedom to have my say.

I’m the plague, I’m death. I’m immoral and cruel,

You’ll give me your life – Oh what a fool.

What starts out as fun, quickly disappears,

I’ll age you faster than your years.

Your skin will change, your organs too,

Your teeth and brain cells, will be few.

And when you make babies, you recreate me,

For I’m genetic, can’t you see?

But never mind. Just look away.

You might even live, to see another day.

By now you’re now a puppet, at my command.

Our days are numbered, together we stand.

But don’t fret, I won’t miss you, when you’re gone,

For by then, I’ll have moved on.

They say I’m illegal, but that’s not true.

For aren’t my biggest drug dealers you?

Pharmacies, Doctors, Safe Injection Sites.

You guys are crazy! I’ve won the fight.

One in ten, is infected by me.

But I want you all and soon it may be.

Come here little boy, and have a toke. You’ll find euphoria in my smoke.

By Lorelie Rozzano

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved


  1. If more of us can wake up to the fact,it’s the addiction controlling us – not the other way around, we’ll be well on our way to making a dent in the disease of addiction.
    Thanks for the inspiring words Anita! Please drop by again.

  2. I’m frustrated and angry with addiction. It’s the most treatable illness out there and if we can all come together, I think we can kick it’s ass! But we need to be on the same page. Addiction smells weakness and hones in on it, manipulating, lying, blaming, bullying, etc. Pretty soon we turn on each other and addiction gets what it wants. To keep using. I’m also angry the rich get treatment and the poor get harm reduction. Not good enough in my books. With cancer or diabetes or heart disease, you get treatment in-spite of your finances. It should be the same with addiction.

  3. Anita Annand

    Love the poem…but also just finished reading your book and was amazed. I related to sooo much of it. Thanks

  4. I have had to read and then reread several times before I was able to subdue enough anger >towards addiction< to be able to write and thank you for writing this. You have captured its spirit so profoundly here. Thank you Lorelie

    • Thank you Donna. Now if we can just get the word out to our kids!

  5. That is such an accurate and deep poem! Thank you for sharing it!

    • You’re so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

  6. **WOW…..WORDS SO POWERFUL!! It is SO worth a Reblogg!! Hope all is well my friend? Blessings & Hugs! Cathy xxoo

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