merry go round

The day is great, I’m lovin life, my children are happy, so is my wife.

I’ve worked hard and earned, a lot. I think I’ll celebrate, with a pinch of pot.

Ooohhh it’s smooth, and tasty too. A great, grey, gust of smoke, will do.

My head thickens, my neck, relaxed.

I hear your voice. What was that, you asked?

You want me to drive, one of our kids? Okay, in a minute, let me finish my beer.

Or better yet, why not drive them yourself, please dear.

You see, I find, I need another drink.

The dragon has awoke, I stand on the brink.

Below is euphoria, and sweet, sweet bliss.

Then I run from you and you’re obligatory kiss

The call is strong, the oblivion I miss.

Come on don’t cry, don’t be a bitch.

No, don’t tell the kids, don’t be a snitch.

Watch your words, I twist them now, you nasty, old, ugly – nagging cow.

I’m on a mission, you can’t love me well.

Next stop for me, a few days in hell.

The first hour will be the best,  after that – I don’t remember the rest.

But whatever is there, I escape from me

Free for a moment, I can breathe.

Don’t cry, don’t worry, don’t you fret.

I’ll be back again, yup, you bet.

This time I promise, I’ll never do it again.

Why you can trust me,  can’t you see?

There is really, nothing, wrong, with me.

For a day or two, all is good.

Happy family, happy wife, a picture – perfect life.

Except, I don’t feel it.

Not like you. I need something, else to do.

The void returns, it’s getting black.

My skin grows itchy, my tone, is back.

The kids are messy, my boss a jerk.

All I do is work, work, work!

There must be more, to life than this.

I want a moment of sweet, sweet, bliss.

Just a brief second, for me it’s key.

This time will be different, don’t you see?

The need is on, it’s greater than me.

Just one small toke, or glass of wine.

Please don’t worry. Things are fine.

Round and round and round we go.

Where it stops, nobody knows.

By, Lorelie Rozzano.

(c) 2014 Jagged Little Edges All Rights Reserved