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Let’s Give Our Kids A Voice.

“Children of addicted parents are the highest risk group of children to become alcohol and drug abusers due to both genetic and family environmental factors.” – NACoA Did you know… Children who grow up in families that struggle with addiction, learn that feelings are dangerous. Children often feel responsible for the problems in their family.

A book review by therapist Jodi Takhar

A book review by Jodi Takhar  JAGGED LITTLE EDGES Being a person in long-term recovery and working as a family addictions therapist, I have read loads of books, articles and material about addiction. Having said that, I have just read the most amazing book about addiction and I felt compelled to share it with

If You Don’t Understand Addiction This Will Help.

Back by popular demand! At 16 I knew it all. Everything. There was nothing you could have said or done, that would have impressed this super cool chick. Of course that was on the outside. Inside I was fearful, insecure and needy. The combination of these two may be the most confusing part of this